IAH: the problems of a transgender felon

What’s your first reaction when you hear a baby crying or an older child calling for help?If you’re a normal human you start looking for the child in order to provide aid.Cops in Pittsburgh say that may be a bad idea.

Being in prison is bad enough.Being transgender in prison brings its own set of issues.IN A HANDBASKET takes us there this morning.

I am not a fan of the NBA game.And I have seen comments similar to those of an Army general who said he’d honor a dead soldier instead of Kobe Bryant.Are we forgetting something along the way?Do we really honor those who serve in the military, public safety and education as we claim at times like these?Is the deceased athlete deserving of the scorn some would throw his way over a flawed, human existence?

The NCAA is watching states like Florida that are moving to make it possible to pay college athletes.Florida’s implementation of last year’s Amendment 4 is now in the 11th Circuit.Will the truth prevail?

There are dumb things going on in higher education all the time.In today’s example: how apologizing is wrong because it burdens the offended to actually forgive you!And what we learn in college isn’t helping either.Apparently professionalism is a racist construct designed to keep the person of color down.

And on the impeachment front, finally, Alan Dershowitz had a chance to speak.It’s worth your time.


Imagine having this happen to you

In a Handbasket:

·The problems of a transgender felon

Remembering Kobe…and others

NCAA watching states looking to OK athlete pay

FL felon voting hits The 11th Circuit

Dumb stuff in education

Becomes dumb stuff in the workplace

IMPEACHMENT: Enter Dershowitz

When honesty can get you in hot water

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