Endorse a Leftie and the Lefties Hate You

Number one, if you are waiting for someone to tell you how to vote, even if that someone is me, please destroy your voter information card, get off of the mail ballot list and don’t go anywhere near a polling place.You have no business voting if you aren’t engaged in the process and have your own mind.That’s not to say we can’t talk the issues and candidates, we certainly do, but recommendations or endorsements of candidates are just that- somebody’s opinion of the candidate best suited for the job.And if you live on the left side of the political spectrum, I believe we’ll refer to that as “on the spectrum” in the future, you best keep your mouth shut or it’s your fellow lefties that will come after you!

IN A HANDBASKET is yet another example of the left, being everything to everyone, can’t support feminists any longer.Apparently having a gender, or maybe only one gender, is a problem.

In political news the state Supreme Court has reversed itself.Well, it reversed a previous edition of itself and the death penalty will no longer take a unanimous vote by the jury.In Federal Court the state is fighting to keep second amendment infringements in place with the MSD school safety law.

The list of things flying around the halls of the capitol this week is extensive and we’ll sort through as much of it as we can with Representative Tyler Sirois in hour three.


If you’re waiting for a voting recommendation

In a Handbasket:

·NY library cancels feminist event (gender specificity is a no-no)

The rest of our day:

FL Supremes reverse unanimous death penalty rule

State fights to keep MSD act infringements

Do Not Hire List for Predator School Employees

House says yes to eliminating the CRC

Homestead exemption rules in play during session

Social Media law being considered (they don’t get thee 1st Amendment either)

College athlete pay bill not pay for play

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