Predators, Prevention and Preparation

Church attendance in the USA is on the decline, or so I have heard.One Minnesota church has a unique way to draw new, younger members.They’re throwing the old folks out!How’s that “honor your father and your mother” commandment working out for ya?

IN A HANDBASKET brings us another example of the left eating its own.You buy the whole agenda and nothing less or you’re not good enough!

In Virginia the democrats running the assembly are remarkably consistent in their encouragement of lawlessness.They want to take your guns while not enhancing penalties for gun crime.I suppose after they take the guns they believe nobody will have them.

Florida is fighting to keep the MSD School Safety Act infringements on our gun rights.Ashley Moody has this one wrong, as has our legislature since the inception.One good idea in Tallahassee this session is a Do Not Hire list for school employees who are disciplined for predatory behavior with children, but whose certifications are not removed.The House has also signed off on the idea of eliminating the Constitution Revision Commission.

In our third hour we’re going to talk to financial planner and radio host Art McPherson about the end and beginning for the year and your retirement plans.


When the membership doesn’t control the church

In a Handbasket:

·The left eating its own

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FISA filings review ordered

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