BIG Baltimore is like LITTLE Baltimore

It’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY on the show and we let you decide the topics of our discussion.And, just in case you haven’t done your show prep, I’ve put together a list of what’s on my mind today.

I’ll start us off with a Baltimore story that could come out of its junior namesake, Downtown Melbourne, aka: Little Baltimore.IN A HANDBASKET turns the tide on trans-athletes.

Settled science and free speech cross swards in a couple of stories I have in play as one Colorado journalist has been fired for his stance on the science at hand.In the UK students are being taught that free speech is a bad thing and disagreeing is out of bounds.

Here at home, a Florida senator’s bill would hide elected official information like where they live.Enough of them don’t actually live in their districts now to the point that residency is a joke.This bill won’t help.School safety is supposedly important to the legislature; after all they infringed on your second amendment rights to claim they provided it.Not they are ignoring penalties for schools that don’t comply with the school safety law.

So what is it to be, your topics or mine?


Baltimore State Attorney after cops

In a Handbasket:

·5 states considering anti-trans sports rules

The rest of our day:

Journalist fired after standing for settled science

It’s what they are being taught

Stargel bill would hide lawmaker information

School safety not important enough to have enforcement

Sheriff to stand with Commission in budget battle

VA Sheriff: Dems plans won’t work

More bad news for Dems

FBI responds to chiding by FISA court

FISA filings review ordered

FBI’s actions to correct the problem

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