From Sunday’s sermon to the gun rights rally at the Virginia capitol and the impending Impeachment Trial, there were lessons to learn all over the place this weekend.We begin with the Sunday sermon that was, in essence a description of my job.IN A HANDBASKET will take us to HOA’s and a dumb move by one.

Then the rest of the day will likely be consumed by two broad topics: the Virginia gun rights rally and the Impeachment of President Trump.We have plenty on these issues and your thoughts and observations are welcome through the show.

Let’s get our holiday shortened week together started, shall we?


When the preachin’s aimed at you!Or, what do you do when the message delivered on Sunday is about your job description and the “don’t-do points” are benchmarks of success?

In a Handbasket:

·HOA extremism has no heart


The media doesn’t change

Weapons, Flags and No Violence

It’s not just us…although it seems that way

The Butterfly Government Effect

VA Sheriff: Dems plans won’t work


McConnell proposes rules

There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Nancy

More bad news for Dems

FBI responds to chiding by FISA court

FISA filings review ordered

FBI’s actions to correct the problem


Supremes to hear Electoral College cases

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