The folks responsible for the Walking Dead crosswalks in the region are sticking to their guns, well, at least to their ticket books.That’s Satellite Beach’s answer to the deadly crosswalk situation: hire more cops and write more tickets.It’s not smart, but then again, it IS Satellite Beach!

IN A HANDBASKET show us how much time and money we waste when peoples silly little whims and assertions are taken seriously.OK is just that, OK.And no amount of calling it a racist symbol will ever change it.

In our 7am hour State Representative Tyler Sirois will join us by phone from Tallahassee.It’s the first week of the legislative session and things appear to be moving along.

In Brevard the county commission has hiked fees for public records, but is it reasonable or justified?Could Scott Ellis run for mayor of Melbourne?Sure he could, but it’s likely we won’t know until June.

And you’ve been chomping at the bit for this: The Justice Department is investigating James Comey. This should be interesting, as will be your day with us here on BML. Let’s get to it…


Satellite Beach answer for crosswalks: TICKETS

In a Handbasket:

·Can we stop this nonsense?

House still working amendment process

Also moving on CRC repeal

Working on teacher pay, governor’s proposal

FL Supremes: Felons, pay up- then vote!

Rangel: Is Commission limiting access or covering costs?

Will Ellis run for Melbourne Mayor?

You’ve waited for this: Comey investigated

More bad news for Dems

FBI responds to chiding by FISA court

FISA filings review ordered

FBI’s actions to correct the problem

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