They aren’t just in Florida.Red Flag laws are a popular fad among the folks who would restrict the gun rights of all of us.Normally we’d think we could rely on the courts for relief where abuses have occurred.That’s not the case if the judge is also a gun grabber.

It seems the only thing more dangerous than your gun is your big mouth!Not to fear, the UK has an answer for that.One university there will employ language and microaggression monitors.Why didn’t we think of that?Because it’s a stupid idea, that’s why!

Facebook was all hyped up over Virginia’s governor declaring a state of emergency with a gun rally that headed to the state capitol.I’m not so sure it’s a bad idea.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said impeachment was a sad and somber duty of the House?Remember when it was about respect for the constitution and our American form of government?It was a circus at the impeachment signing yesterday and partisan hack impeachments managers have been assigned.

Let’s see what a Thursday brings us on BML…


Red Flag Law abuse, a complicit judiciary

In a Handbasket:

·Language and microaggression monitor?

VA governor declares “state of emergency”

Brevard jail capacity an issue in federal filing

Pelosi no longer sad, somber- celebrates impeachment signing

Demings 1/7 of House impeachment managers

President Trump approved Soleimani plan months ago

More bad news for Dems

FBI responds to chiding by FISA court

FISA filings review ordered

FBI’s actions to correct the problem

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