When Correction is Due

In today’s column I have a confession to make.I was wrong.I know you find this difficult to believe, but you and the reporter in question deserve an explanation.

I was wrong in that FLORIDAPOLITICS.COM reporter, Jacob Ogles, had tried to contact me before he wrote his story last week that said I am an anti-Semite.There are reasons he did not reach me.

First, he used the worst way possible (Facebook Messenger) and was accurate when he said his attempt to contact me were unsuccessful.That was the only attempt of which I am aware.I had no phone call to my work or cell numbers.I had no email to the business, show or personal email.I don’t readily see messages on Facebook that are not from friends on Facebook.He and I aren’t FB friends.

That he did not try other methods is particularly telling, either of his reporting skills or of his desire to have me actually respond to him.When I did see his message, a full week after the day of the original event, it was completely by accident.I had messaged my former producer of the show, Heather Voortman, to tell her Happy Birthday.When she replied I opened the message on my computer and suddenly there popped up Ogles’ message from the Sunday before.

My response to him is detailed in the podcast of Monday’s BML.You can hear it by clicking here.

He replied to me that he would be happy to include my response in his column, which by the way, is not republished as of this moment and the damage to my reputation across the state is done.

At least one of us had the courage to acknowledge when we were wrong.

I’ll not hold my breath for the other…


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