It’s amazing that we elect people to office that have no clue about government or its structure.The founding fathers were clear in their writings and discussions as the nation was founded about why things are as they are…or were.And now we have a couple of idiots in the Florida Legislature that want Senators apportioned in the various states by population.Ummmm, have you seen the House of Representatives?Do you have a clue about why they are different?We put this one IN A HANDBASKET this morning on BML.

Speaking of the House, in a symbolic vote yesterday the august body wasted lots of time and generated lots of press by discussing and passing a resolution limiting the president’s powers in armed conflict with Iran.Apparently they missed that whole “separation of powers” thing in the constitution.The president is the Commander in Chief of our armed forces.They can fight him with funding, but the president and his generals conduct military operations.But, and this is a BIG but, Matt Gaetz voted with the Democrats in this gesture.His explanation is interesting.

A college professor has lost his job over his commentary about Iran attacking America’s cultural institutions like the Mall of America and the Kardashians. It’s funny when you think about it, but the job loss may or may not be appropriate.


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