Protecting Our Future

On I’ve shared the video of last night’s 2nd Amendment event hosted by the RLC and the Trump Club.It was a standing room only crowd and they had to turn people away. I’d estimate the crowd at 300 or more.There were those who were turned away and those who watched on WMMB’s Facebook live video.The discussion was lively, the passion for our rights strong and the ideas solid and cautioning.You can link to Florida Today’s photo gallery of the event below.

Rabbi Sandy Olshansky, a kind and gracious man, gave the invocation.Given the controversy stirred prior to the event, it was a courageous act.I’d expect nothing less.It was a great start to a group of patriotic Americans exercising 1st amendment rights in protection of those contained in the 2nd.It was good to hear from lawmakers, those who enforce the law, those who practice it in court, those who lead political activism and those who train firearms enthusiasts on the important issues facing us in Florida as the legislative session begins.Our speakers noted that, even with Republicans in control of both houses of the legislature, our rights are not protected when it comes to firearms.

It will require vigilance on all of our parts, and action to back it up, in order to keep further infringements from happening in Tallahassee.I was encouraged by the young representatives who serve in the Florida House who were in attendance.There is hope for future leadership, even if the current leadership is suspect.Let’s hope they, and we, can maintain the resolve to hand future generations an America and Florida where the constitutions and their protections are intact and secure.

Let’s get into today’s show.

Florida Today’s event photo gallery


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