'Affluenza Teen' Ethan Couch Back In Jail After Testing Positive For THC

Ethan Couch

Ethan Couch

Ethan Couch is back in prison after he violated the terms of his probation. Couch tested positive for THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, and was arrested on Thursday (January 2) in Fort Worth, Texas.

Couch made headlines in 2013 after a judge sentenced him to just ten years of probation following a drunk driving crash in 2013 in which four pedestrians were killed. Couch, who was 16 at the time, was convicted of four counts of intoxication manslaughter, but his lawyers argued that he suffered from "affluenza" and did not understand right from wrong due to his privileged upbringing. The judge's decision to spare Couch from going to prison outraged the victims' families and anti-drunk driving advocates.

Couch found himself in trouble a few years later after he was seen playing what appeared to beer pong while at a college party. The terms of his probation prohibited him from attending parties where alcohol was being served. He fled to Mexico with his mother to avoid punishment, but was eventually captured and spent two years behind bars. 

Photo: Tarrant County Sheriff's Office