Welcome to 2020.It’s good to be back after a long holiday weekend and an overdose of football!We’ll again give you a wide berth as you call the show today right up to the end of the 7am hour.Anything you want to kick around as we get back into the flow is great with me.But that 8am hour, and we may not have allowed enough time for it, that 8am hour is about uncaring officials and the persistence they have for these killer crosswalks.The reactions of state traffic folks, the cities and Brevard TPO are completely unacceptable.

Could a dumb situation and a dumber solution in WV mean our education system is failing?IN A HANDBASKET: one lawmaker gets it about women’s sports.

Florida’s new texting while driving law will now net you a ticket.We have a PSA article for you about how to avoid that 4th amendment violation by our legislator and any officer who enforces it.

Violence: there is proof plenty that you don’t need a gun.Yet, idiots in Little Baltimore insist.And it’s even worse when we import the problems from other states where the little criminals couldn’t obey the law in the first place.

In a good move the state legislature tightened the means of getting petitions on the ballot.What happens when a pet cause can’t get the support it needs?The whiners file suit saying the law is unfair.This system needs to change alright and eliminating the citizen petition idea is the first thing that must go.

Other than that…what do you have in mind as we kick off 2020?


Does WV solution mean education system has failed?

In a Handbasket:

·Turning around…TN lawmaker gets it

Texting while driving PSA

Little Baltimore at it again

It’s not the gun

It’s not the gun- 2

Protest for crosswalk fix

State/Most Local Reaction Appears UNCONCERNED

When the law keeps whiners from getting what they want

FBI responds to chiding by FISA court

FISA filings review ordered

Obamacare mandate ruled unconstitutional- take that John Roberts

What the Klingon Says is Unimportant and We Do Not Hear Him

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