A family and an entire community are in mourning in Satellite Beach.Sophie Nelson was only twelve years old when her life was cut short in a flashing light crosswalk on A1A.From all indications she had done what was expected: hit the button, wait for traffic to clear and cross the road.It appears that a car which was closer or moving faster than it appeared had a driver who could not see Sophie.Was it the ultra-bright flashing lights; was it the darkness or even a distracted driver?Time may tell, but we do know this: those intersections are dangerous for many reasons and removing them would appear to be the best option.How do you comfort parents who suffer this loss?Perhaps local leaders could assure them that their daughter will be the last to die at these ill designed, even if well intended, tragedies waiting to happen.

Before we talk that story in hour 3 we’ll tackle the problem of not knowing what your Christmas gift can and will do. In a Handbasket shows us $1.1m worth of being offended!The recent dust up over the Army-Navy game was nothing more than a waste of time and the complaining state legislator finally understood.

One Democrat has joined the Republican Party over the impeachment nonsense.He says what drove him to the decision.And if you’re in a union, just what do your dues provide?And is it provided to you?Apparently in the UAW that is not the case!

We’ll again leave topics open for your selection as we catch up from the Christmas break.So, what do you want to put in front of us today?


Christmas gift or intruder?

In a Handbasket:

·Trans plaintiff $1.1m worth of offended

Wasting time over nonsenseInstigator apologizes (shock chock)

What drove Van Drew to the R’s

Your union dues at work

Satellite Beach: a family’s tragedy, a community’s cries

FBI responds to chiding by FISA court

FISA filings review ordered

Obamacare mandate ruled unconstitutional- take that John Roberts

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