Impeachment and the Election Ploy

Well, the house of Representatives has done it.They have impeached President Trump and set in motion his reelection.Nancy Pelosi has floated the idea of not sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, at least not right away.It comes off as a “keep it in the news” political strategy and I almost hope she does it, but it may not be the smartest move available to them.

The president’s approval rating was up ahead of the vote.Are the Democrats in DC tone deaf to that?And how they treat each other in DC, and by each other I mean the Democrats, is indicative of how they would govern if they had the chance.

The Obamacare individual mandate has been ruled unconstitutional.What that means is not quite clear.And the FBI has responded to the FISA court’s criticism of the agency’s actions in applying for surveillance warrants.They admit the bad, but give no specifics of corrective action or discipline.

We’ll begin our day with a new television show based on an old concept that will be perfect for Boomer’s kids, or maybe even Boomers.

In a Handbasket takes us back to Santa Claus and the idiocy of the society around us.


OK, Boomer’s kids- must see TV

In a Handbasket:

·Changing Santa

The House does it…will Pelosi hold it from Senate?

Trump approval up ahead of impeachment vote

Impeachment bringing bad news for D’s

Van Drew’s staff quits under threat from Democrats

Obamacare mandate ruled unconstitutional- take that John Roberts

FBI responds to chiding by FISA court

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