Nerf Guns & Money & Pot- Oh, My!

Living in foster care can be tough on kids.Yet, there is child in Texas that is making the most of it with an attitude that will inspire you.We begin our day there.IN A HANDBASKET we’ll venture into kids’ toys and the assault on them.It makes you wonder how we ever survived as kids ourselves.

On the state front it seems recreational marijuana won’t make the ballot this time out and another measure we will face in November is showing negative impacts in California.Another Democrat in DC is saying no to impeachment as that vote looms in the House.

Here in Brevard the County Commission looks at criminalizing business as part of Chair Bryan Lober’s anti-pet store initiative.Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis is suing the commission over its tax cap busting ways and how the MSTU is being implemented.

Time to launch a Tuesday on the Space Coast!


This kid’s getting adopted

In a Handbasket:

·Attack of the “assault-nerf gun”

Recreational Pot won’t make the ballot

High Minimum Wage Closing CA Restaurants

Another Dem says no to impeachment

County Commission wants to criminalize business

Scott Ellis sues Commission over tax cap busting

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