Army/Navy Game and Victim Mentality Nonsense

For those who want to be victims, they will find a way.For the rest of us common sense will do.The Army Navy game on Saturday was a good one and Navy then broke it open.Pre-game ESPN’s College Game Day was at the only D-1 venue playing.Some of the Cadets were caught on camera playing the circle game, it seems, and the victims are falling all over themselves.

In a Handbasket takes us to the media world where descriptions mean something.Word choices are important and accuracy and clarity have fallen to an agenda.

We’ll see a miracle that has a nonverbal teen speaking and what brought it on will warm your heart.

In DC we also see the miracle of James Comey admitting he was wrong, a Democratic congressman leaving the party over impeachment, presidential candidates who would allow a union strike to shut down the country and the president’s popularity going up.


Army Navy game investigation over symbol

In a Handbasket:

·Media misleads in abortion attack

Nonverbal teen breaks out in song

Comey admits he was wrong- FISA process

Dem congressman leaving party to become R

Candidates that would allow a union to stop the country

No wonder President Trump’s popularity is up

Cops chasing graffiti in Downtown Melbourne

MPD beefs up security at PBHS

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