RING Brings Evil Entity Into Child’s Room

State Representative Tyler Sirois is back with us in our second hour after another committee week in Tallahassee.Education, the CRC, forced paid family medical leave and tourism funding are all in play.Florida Today’s Dave Berman joins us in hour three and we’ll take a look at various county issues.

We open our day with a scary scenario for parents who were simply trying to protect their kids and our In a Handbasket segment where the Cocaine Santa Christmas sweater is back.


Kid’s room nightmare

In a Handbasket:

·Cocaine Santa Sweater update

The governor’s proposed education budget

School security slammed by grand jury

Oliva argues against Visit Florida funding

Here goes FL’s election system

Good news if the system isn’t made meaningless

Will we abolish the Constitution Revision Commission?

Commission wasting time on Ponce de Leon

Cops chasing graffiti in Downtown Melbourne

MPD beefs up security at PBHS

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