From Accomplishment to The Biggest Whiner

It used to be that Time magazine honored its man or woman of the year (even once the computer) because of actual accomplishment.Now we may as well have a game show called The Biggest Whiner!

In a Handbasket we’ll take that road down the path to…the dead name!

Second amendment activists in Virginia are swaying the incoming Democratic majority on gun control measures, but it still ain’t good and it certainly ain’t over.Democrats are fighting amongst themselves when it comes to impeachment.It may cause more damage to their side than we initially thought!

If they only had a porta-potty maybe the graffiti artists would stop assailing Downtown Melbourne with their illicit art.Here’s an idea- why doesn’t the EG Arts District open a building or two, a transformer box or three for these artistes?They could have an outlet for their expression and have a shot at some recognition for their talent.Melbourne PD has beefed up security at Palm Bay High as the fight there on Tuesday was nothing short of a melee.

And. If time allows, we’ll take a look at the election system and potential changes, some good, some bad.


Time’s Person of the year: from accomplishment to whining

In a Handbasket:

·The Dead Name…and proper makeup removal

VA 2a activism has impact, but stay watchful

Impeachment dividing Dems

FISA abuses staggering

Cops chasing graffiti in Downtown Melbourne

MPD beefs up security at PBHS

Here goes FL’s election system

Good news if the system isn’t made meaningless

Will we abolish the Constitution Revision Commission?

Oliva argues against Visit Florida funding

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