Santa Does WHAT to work on Christmas?

Our headline story is hilarious.Walmart’s quality control and content folks dropped the ball big time in Canada.We’ll show you the sweater that may explain how Santa works all night one day a year.

In a Handbasket takes us to Downtown Melbourne…and you aren’t going to like this.

Articles of Impeachment are scheduled to be announced today.In other words, here is President Trump’s second term being handed to him by the Democrats.

Also on tap we have a mom standing up for her bullied kid, a warning on a stupid phishing scam, A possible trigger for the Pensacola shooter, the governor’s take on foreign nationals and guns, the destruction of Florida’s election system and one way to stop legislative stupidity.


Let it snow, Santa!

In a Handbasket:

·$ Half Mil public toilets to Downtown Melbourne?

Articles of Impeachment to fall today…aka Trump wins 2020

You tell ‘em, mom!

Don’t buy the bomb call

Porn ‘Stache nickname triggers Pensacola shooter?

DeSantis calls for foreign national gun loophole to be closed

Here goes FL’s election system

How to stop legislative stupidity

Will we abolish the Constitution Revision Commission?

Oliva argues against Visit Florida funding

The left’s next political fear- Nikki Haley

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