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Five NAS-Pensacola Shooting Victims Released From Hospital

(Pensacola, FL) -- NAS-Pensacola announced yesterday that five of those hurt in last week's shooting, including two deputies, have been released from the hospital. Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio Tweeted yesterday that he has key questions for those investigating the shooting that killed three people, along with the gunman. Those questions include if the shooting was motivated by a violent ideology, if the shooter acted alone, and if the vetting process missed something.

Demings Says Founders' Worst Fears Are Playing Out

(Washington, DC) -- Some of the Founding Fathers' worst fears are playing out now in the impeachment hearing. That's what Congresswoman and House Judiciary Committee member Val Demings said yesterday about the conduct of Republicans. The 10th District Democrat tweeted that the Founders were worried that excessive partisanship would lead members of a guilty president's party to ignore the facts, and she says that's exactly what Republicans are doing. Seventeenth District Republican Greg Steube is also on the committee, and he says the impeachment proceedings are a circus that's keeping lawmakers from working on real issues. 

Mother Sues Brevard County School Board

(Titusville, FL) -- A Brevard County woman is suing the school board over the way her son was treated at school. The lawsuit filed last week claims the woman's son was bullied and sexually abused by another first-grader at Audubon Elementary School in Merritt Island. She accuses the board of ignoring complaints made in 2016 and 2017. The board's chairwoman declined to comment, but the school district tells Florida Today they take bullying seriously and follow strict policies in investigating and acting on it.

Orlando Approves E-Scooters

(Orlando, FL) -- There will soon be a new way to get around Orlando. The city commission yesterday approved allowing e-scooters starting as soon as next month for a one-year trial. The trial run will include a limit of 18-hundred scooters with a maximum speed of 10 miles an hour on sidewalks. On streets, the scooters will be allowed to go 20 miles an hour. 

Lakeland Lawmaker Wants Personal Info Kept Private

(Lakeland, FL) -- A state lawmaker from Polk County wants to help her colleagues find peace of mind. State Senator Kelli Stargell filed a bill for next year that would keep personal info, like home addresses, of lawmakers private. She says her bill is a response to threats she and others have received. She told The Ledger yesterday it's a real concern for younger legislators who have to leave family members behind when they go to Tallahassee, and there's no need for the public to easily be able to access anyone's personal address. 

Man Accused Of Kidnapping Uber Driver

(Miami, FL) -- Two men are accused of threatening to shoot an Uber driver in Miami. Prosecutors yesterday said Alexis Hurtado got into the ride meant for someone else this weekend in Wynwood, told the driver he had a gun and ordered him to keep driving. Once he got to a red light, the driver ran from the car toward police who arrested Hurtado.

Walmart Apologizes For Santa Cocaine Sweater

(Undated) -- Walmart is apologizing for advertising a Christmas sweater showing Santa about to snort cocaine. Walmart has pulled the sweater that was on its Canadian website. The front of the sweater is mostly filled with a cartoon Santa holding a straw and smiling over table laid with three lines of coke. A Walmart official told Global Canada News the sweaters were sold by a third-party vendor and "do not represent Walmart's values and have no place" on the company's website.

Most Popular Christmas Cookies Nationwide

(Undated) -- General Mills is out with a list of the most popular Christmas cookies in the U.S. The most popular Christmas cookie nationwide is Peanut Butter Blossoms, the cookies with Hershey kisses on top. Seven states visited that recipe most often. Its prediction was based on data from Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Tablespoon. Other popular choices are easy peanut butter cookie cups, peanut butter-chocolate cookies and all types of sugar cookies.


2013, General motors new CEO is Mary Barra. She became the first female CEO of a major automotive company.

1964, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

1946, the Toys for Tots campaign was organized.

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