Weekend of Shooters

We began the weekend with a terrorist attack (by a Saudi pilot we were training) and an accidental shooting of a 9 year old in Titusville. Before we call for more gun control (which is certain to come) let’s take a look at what our criminal control and disarming of our military at military bases has done for us.

We’ll begin our day with a crashed Christmas parade and In a Handbasket taking us to my native land of West Virginia where political correctness has infiltrated the highest levels of government.

In local politics we have a termed out mayor wanting to be a county commissioner and the incumbent in the race having the quote of the campaign season.The DOH is trying to justify the nonsense on A1A, but it’s tough on her when she is obviously clueless about the area.

In Tallahassee the battle over state tourism dollars is about to be waged again.Nationally, the left is showing us the politician they fear most after the president.


Crashed Christmas Parade

In a Handbasket:

·Even my WV home goes PC stupid!

Girl shot in Titusville target practice

Pensacola NAS shooting leaves questions

Terror act should lead to changes in US foreign training policy

Meehan challenges Tobia, Tobia has epic response

Tough to justify A1A when the spokesman is clueless

Oliva argues against Visit Florida funding

The left’s next political fear- Nikki Haley

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