Tallahassee: Master of All Florida Government?

I used to prefer full time Daylight Saving Time.Now, I don’t care; just stop the silliness of shifting the clock twice a year to appease the gods of messing with our sleep!Marco Rubio may be on the way to a fix.

In a Handbasket revisits a familiar trans-figure that wanted to make that figure familiar to a gynecologist!At least the doctor spoke with common sense, as did comedian Ricky Gervais.

Andrew Gillum is still striving for relevance.Even as he announced that he will raise some money for the Democratic Party instead of his personal cash-cow PAC, he decided defining socialism was a smart thing.Yeah, it sure is!

One court battle will decide if county commissions or constitutional officers have control over the officer’s budgets.The senate has started tweaking the governor’s starting teacher pay idea, a representative’s gun safety bill adds NO safety, a senate bill could save the airbnb business from a city near you and one local representative has drawn a familiar opponent for 2020.The Brevard Dems are going to have to do better than this!

And while Nancy Pelosi announced that articles of impeachment will be drawn up she seems to ignore the history she cites as the reason this must happen.


Marco pushing permanent DST

In a Handbasket:

·Trans activist (more) confused after doc refusal

·Comedian doesn’t help the matter, or does he?

Gillum strives for relevance in “socialism” ‘explanation

Who decides the budget?Is it the Constitutional Officer or the County Commission?

Senate bill begins tweak of governor’s teacher pay proposal

Representative’s gun safety bill isn’t one

Senate bill saves Airbnb type rentals, revokes local authority

Not-So-Fine Opponent for D-53 (do we need this movie again or a strong opponent?)

Pelosi cites history while forgetting it in impeachment questioning

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