The problem with Peloton…THERE’S NOT ONE!

Given the Florida legislature’s propensity to put its nose in your car, there is new technology in use in Australia that I would not be surprised to see in this Melbourne before long.

As our headline indicates, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Peloton or gifting the stationary bike for Christmas.In a Handbasket will take us to the fitness device’s recent TV ad that is drawing some heat for its depiction of a grateful wife documenting her love for the gift.I mean…a wife can’t appreciate a zillion dollar stationary bike?

You’d think George Zimmerman would have had enough of being in the press.Then again, he may be raising an interesting point. He’s filed suit against the prosecutor and Trayvon Martin’s family.

Remember Colin Kaepernick’s non-NFL workout as he tried to get teams to bring him back into the fold?Well, it worked, just not for him!

The NRA and Florida’s cities and counties will battle in the courts as the state’s preemption law is under attack by little governments being too big for their britches.Governments, yes local ones, seem to get in the way and the state’s generator law for senior living facilities is a great example.

These stories and more are ahead for us on this edition of BML.


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In a Handbasket:

·Peloton…NOT the perfect gift?Or just don’t advertise it?

Zimmerman suing Martin family, prosecutors

Kaepernick workout lands contract…but not for him

NRA, FL cities and counties on opposite sides of gun law

Government gets in its own way- seniors may suffer

Gillum strives for relevance in “socialism” ‘explanation

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