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SpaceX Scrubs Rocket Launch Due To High Winds

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- SpaceX called off yesterday's launch at Cape Canaveral due to high winds. Another attempt will be made this afternoon. The Falcon 9 rocket is carrying 57-hundred pounds of supplies and science experiments to the International Space Station. 

FDLE Refuses To Investigate Inmate's Death In Brevard County

(Titusville, FL) -- A Brevard County widow is dealing with a setback in her search for answers in her husband's death. The FDLE has informed Kathleen Edwards that it will not conduct a criminal investigation into the death of Gregory Edwards, who died in the county jail last year. In a letter to Mrs. Edwards obtained by Florida Today, the FDLE writes it does not have any authority to interject into local law enforcement matters that local authorities are already investigating. The official cause of the Army veterans' death is excited delirium.

Zimmerman Suing Trayvon Martin's Family, State

(Pembroke Park, FL) -- The Florida man acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin back in 2012 is suing his family and the state. George Zimmerman is a former neighborhood watch volunteer who said he shot the unarmed 17-year-old in self-defense. He was found not guilty during a high-profile trial. The lawsuit claims Martin's girlfriend lied as a witness and cites defamation in a new book by a civil rights attorney. The suit names that attorney, a prosecutor and Martin's mother. It wants damages topping 100-million dollars.

Zimmerman Lawsuit Leads To Cancellation Of Film Screening

(Coral Gables, FL) -- The man behind a film about the Trayvon Martin shooting is shocked he won't be able to show the film as he planned. Coral Gables Art Cinema was set to host a screening today for a new documentary about the 2012 shooting, but the screening was canceled after George Zimmerman sued Martin's family. The cinema says it was not aware of all the details surrounding the showing, which was a private rental and the filmmaker tells the Miami Herald he'll look for a different location. 

Toys For Tots Reports Theft In Marion County

(Ocala, FL) -- It looks like there's a real-life Grinch in Marion County. Toys for Tots says someone recently stole money from a collection bin at a Papa John's in Ocala on US 441. No arrest has been announced.

Man Wants To Thank Man Who Returned Lost Wallet

(Tampa, FL) -- A Tampa man is searching for the man who went out of his way to do a good deed. Davis Islands' Joe McCormick recently lost his wallet at a Winn-Dixie on Swann Ave, but the man who found it drove to McCormick's home to return it. McCormick says he was shocked when the man showed up at his door, and he forgot to reward the Good Samaritan. McCormick tells ABC Action News he wants to track down the man and also highlight that there are still good people out there.

Ford And McDonald's Give Vehicles Caffeine Boost

(Dearborn, MI) -- Ford Motor Company and McDonald's will soon be giving vehicles a caffeine boost. Every year, millions of pounds of coffee chaff are turned into mulch or charcoal. By heating the chaff to high temperatures under specific conditions, it can be mixed with plastics and formed into various shapes to reinforce vehicle parts. By using otherwise discarded McDonald's coffee chaff, Ford can make some products around 20-percent lighter and provide up to 25-percent energy savings during the molding process. McDonald's plans to divert a large portion of its coffee chaff to Ford to be incorporated into vehicle parts.


1995, President Clinton announced Madeleine Albright as the first female Secretary of State for his foreign policy team.

1955, the Black community of Montgomery, Alabama launched their boycott of the city's bus system. Their actions came in response to the arrest of Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus for a white man.

1933, Utah became the last of 36 states to ratify the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The move ended prohibition in the U.S. after a 14-year dry spell.

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