LGBT Lies Have New Target…

NFL players get more credit for bad acts than their play or most anything else.How about we see the other side of the coin?Many of these players are fantastic to their fans and communities.

In a Handbasket takes us to yet another personality attacking Disney+ mostly for playing the movies many were raised on.

Our news today takes us to: another LGBT lie and the target thereof, Florida elections, fears over free lunch and an easy answer, the governor’s education plans, how government gets in its own way and Andrew Gillum reaching for relevance as he defines socialism for us.

But, today is your day.WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY let’s you bring any topic to the table when you call the show at 321-768-1240.So…what’s on your mind?


Sherman shows NFL players can do good things

In a Handbasket:

·Calling out Disney+

LGBT lies have a new target…a kettle near you

Supremes weighing FL primary elections

Free Lunch Fears (there is an answer)

Governor says he has more in mind for education

Government gets in its own way- seniors may suffer

Gillum strives for relevance in “socialism” ‘explanation

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