BPS Lawsuit Guinea Pig

In an inexplicable move the Brevard School Board voted 4-1 to make the district a guinea pig for a lawsuit.

Falling prey to the vaping hysteria that engulfed the country in this past year Brevard Schools, by the board’s action, has joined (read that as allowed itself to be used for) a lawsuit against vape maker JUUL labs.

The Maher Law Firm of Winter Park had approached the board last month asking them to be a plaintiff.You see, law firms needs plaintiffs to be able to file a suit and then bring in the big bucks that even a settlement without a trial can bring.

The board is giving the law firm, and implicitly others, approval of these kinds of suits.I believe the board was distracted by the promise of big money on the other side, regardless of the merits of the case.The merits, the reasons the suits would be likely to succeed, seem to be few.

Kids break all kinds of school rules and this is just another one.To blame JUUL or any other entity for the actions of kids is wrong.If there is a failure here it’s the district not enforcing its own rules and no amount of money will help in fixing that.


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