Challenge the President- OK, Support Him…mmmm, No!

I’ve often said, especially when it comes to fast food restaurants, be good at what you do and don’t try to be all things to all people.Grocery chain Kroger has learned that lesson the hard way.

In a Handbasket takes us to men having babies and I don’t mean being a father and caring for their own children.I mean being the mother when it’s physically impossible.

Challenging the president is the rule of the day and seeking his support for the good of schools is an idea that gets teachers fired.Baylor University thinks its students are stupid.The left can’t take what it dishes out.

ICE set up a fake university and caught students who were trying to enter the country for other than educational purposes.Of course, ICE is taking heat.And, again, have the Democrats severely miscalculated what the impeachment hearings have accomplished?


Kroger changes its mind

In a Handbasket:

·Men can have babies???

Abused Melbourne child challenges President Trump

Fired teacher wins lawsuit over tweeting president

Baylor thinks its students are stupid

The Left can’t take what it gives

Fake university sting nets illegals

Did Dems miscalculate on impeachment?

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