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Man Killed In Polk County Shooting

(Lakeland, FL) -- A man is dead after a custody exchange turned violent in Polk County. Sheriff Grady Judd announced yesterday that a man was shot in Lakeland at a home on Ewell Road when he went to pick up his one-year-old son from his ex-wife. Judd says she wasn't home at the time, but her boyfriend was and he shot the man. Judd says they don't know who the aggressor was and investigators have a lot of details to work through.

Brianna Williams Transferred To Jail

(Jacksonville, FL) -- The mother of a missing Jacksonville girl is now behind bars. Brianna Williams was released from the hospital yesterday and transferred to the Duval County Jail. The 27-year-old is facing charges in the disappearance of her five-year-old daughter, Taylor, who was reported missing two weeks ago. Brianna was taken to the hospital over a week ago after a suspected suicide attempt after police said she stopped cooperating with investigators. 

School Lockdown Complicated When Keys Can't Be Found

(Coral Springs, FL) -- An incident at a school in Broward County has a Parkland mother concerned. Police last week responded to Coral Springs High School after it was placed on lockdown, but when officers tried to enter the school, no keys could be found. Lori Alhadeff is a school board member whose daughter died in the Stoneman Douglas shooting, and she says, in a real emergency, that could be a problem. Coral Springs Police tell Local 10 News if officers really needed to, they could have found a way to get inside the school.

Virgin Trains USA Discusses New Maintenance Facility In Brevard County

(Cocoa, FL) -- Virgin's attempt to, in their words, reinvent train travel in America is closer to completion. Virgin Trains USA yesterday discussed a 70-million dollar project to connect Orlando and Cocoa. It's just one part of a plan to connect Central and South Florida by 2022. Virgin says this will be the first privately held passenger rail system in the U.S. in more than a century. 

Arrest Leads To Discovery Of Dog Missing From California

(Sarasota, FL) -- Sarasota Police revealed yesterday that this week they reunited a dog with its owner after the dog went missing in California four years ago. The dog was found when police arrested two people last month for a series of burglaries in Lido Key, but it's not clear how the two came to be in possession of the bulldog named Maggie. Police located the owner through a microchip.  

Ohio Animal Rights Activist Allegedly Stabs Woman At Church

(Cleveland Heights, OH) -- An Ohio animal rights activist is in jail for allegedly stabbing a woman who was wearing fur. Police say 35-year-old Meredith Lowell stabbed a babysitter while she was dropping off kids at the Fairmount Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Heights, wounding her twice in her arm and once in her abdomen. That woman was said to be wearing fur boots. A church staff member was able to detain Lowell until officers arrived. Authorities say she tried to hire a hitman to kill someone who was wearing fur back in 2012. She is now facing a charge of felony assault.

Poll: Men Would Give Up Sex, Coffee To Get Perfect Beard

(Greenville, PA) -- When it comes to getting that perfect beard, some men say it's more important than sex or even coffee. A new poll by Honest Amish shows they'd not only give both up for an entire year but they'd even spend a night in jail or shave their head. That's because 75-percent of men polled feel more confident with facial hair and believe it makes them more attractive.


2017, a scandal involving personal information of 57-million Uber users is confirmed by Uber. The company said it paid 100-thousand dollars to keep the scandal quiet.

2005, veteran ABC newsman Ted Koppel signed off from "Nightline" for the very last time. Koppel had hosted the show for 25 years.

1995, the first feature-length film created solely with computer-generated images, "Toy Story" was released.

1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. Governor John Connelly was seriously wounded. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President a short time later. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the shooting a few hours later.

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