Today cops seem to get no respect, at least from certain corners.Today we have theme parks, actors and even the people who set policy for cops disrespecting them.It doesn’t stop police from doing their jobs.And certain types of disrespect, like having none for life, will bring cops out in droves.In this case it means lots of people are headed to jail and maybe, just maybe, the violence will take a downturn.

Is it a bird, a plane…nope and it darn sure ain’t Superman, but don’t tell this British bad buy.

There is talk of a new hotel in Satellite Beach…and to appease the city fathers who hate anything business, visitor and especially tourist related, the developers is promising no beach rentals of chairs or boogie boards, no tiki hut or other touristy things will be located at their facility.Yep, we have a TDC to bring non-touristy things to town!

In today’s final hour Florida Today’s Tim Walters will join us.We’ll talk space, Florida football playoffs, social issues in sports and more.


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