A Tale of Two Chairs

It only takes one.It used to be that one did not constitute a majority, but these days the minority rules the majority in far too many cases.Today’s opener involves a Christmas Tree and a majority of one.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to a unique product.It’s one that makes you feel pretty and properly supported to be the girl that’s inside you…but only if you aren’t really a girl.

Today’s page and the INSIDER COLUMN share a title as we look at the actions of Brevard’s County Commission and School Board.The two bodies did the same thing in vastly different ways as they selected their chairmen for the next year.One played “go along to get along” while the other showed some actual leadership and accountability.

Andrew Gillum is a failure at everything except taking care of himself.His drive to register one million Democratic voters in Florida before the 2020 election is falling far short, but he’s throwing money around like it’s his.The guy who actually won the governorship, Ron DeSantis, is backing up his proposed education spending with proposed bills to make it happen.Tulsi Gabbard appears to be the only Democrat in the presidential field who seems to actually love the country.No wonder she isn’t getting their support.We’ll talk these issues and more with State Representative Tyler Sirois in our third hour today.


Forget the Christmas Tree…somewhere a snowflake is whining

In a Handbasket:

·Trans Lingerie-strong, yet comfortable enough

Let the circus begin: Lober elected commission chair

Gillum- spending $1.5m, getting bad results, like when he was mayor

Gabbard only Dem that sounds like she loves the country

Governor proposes bills for teacher pay plan

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