Wide Open Wednesday…& Epstein didn’t hang himself!

If you’re on Facebook you can’t have missed the Jeffery Epstein memes.They are hilarious!Any random fact followed by the quote about Epstein not doing himself in.It’s even invaded other popular memes like the blonde arguing with the cat over dinner.Now, it’s made its way into the halls of congress.It’s also made the FBI’s list of things to do.How much confidence do you have in that investigation?

We have a Chick-fil-A update as yesterday’s lunch stop clarifies the record on its charitable giving.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to a stoner’s dream job, but it’s all about the medicinal values.

The impeachment hearings continue and the hero of the right is Representative Elise Stefanik.

The County Commission has elected Bryan Lober as its Chair.

Andrew Gillum is spending all kinds of money.His goal is to register Democratic voters.He’s failing miserably, you know, like he did when he was mayor of Tallahassee.

And, first and foremost it is a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY on BML. Your ideas, your topics, your calls.When we go to the phones, if it’s on your mind, it’s on BML.


Update: Chick-fil-A says it has not caved

In a Handbasket:

·The $3000/m dream job!

We’ll discuss this…and Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

FBI looks into Epstein case (anyone smell a cover-up?)

The impact of Impeachment Hearings

Elise Stefanik becoming GOP hero of hearings

Let the circus begin: Lober elected commission chair

Gillum- spending $1.5m, getting bad results, like when he was mayor

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