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Shooting At Brevard County Wawa

(Cocoa, FL) -- A Good Samaritan claims he was forced to shoot a man in Brevard County out of self defense. Cocoa Police say the shooter was at a Wawa this weekend on West King Street when he saw two men outside fighting with a security guard. The shooter claims when he went to help the guard, the two men turned on him, and he was forced to fire his weapon. A 46-year-old man was hurt, but there's no word on his condition and no charges have been announced.

Teacher Accused Of Inappropriately Touching Students

(Sarasota, FL) -- A Sarasota County teacher is accused of inappropriately touching two female students, but deputies believe there could be more victims. Bradenton's Maxwell Guss was arrested yesterday after an investigation that started two months ago. The 34-year-old business teacher had been on leave from Brookside Middle School during the investigation. He has also taught at Sarasota High School and, while in Manatee County, he taught at Harllee Middle School and Bayshore High School. 

Death Believed To Be Related To Traffic Dispute

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- A man is dead after a traffic dispute apparently turned violent in Broward County. Fort Lauderdale's Ian Curtis died this weekend after he was found shot on East Oakland Park Boulevard. Deputies believe the 27-year-old was shot after an argument with the driver of a white pickup truck who they're now looking for. Anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff's office, and a three-thousand dollar reward is available for information that leads to an arrest.

Central Florida Little League Umpire Attacked By Parent  

(Lakeland, FL) -- A Central Florida man is arrested for the attack of a little league umpire at a park in Lakeland Friday. Deputies say Alberto Ramos disagreed with a call the umpire made, which led to a screaming match. Ramos was told to leave the park, but instead witnesses say he beat the umpire up.

South Dakota Unveils Widely Mocked Anti-Meth Ad Campaign

(Undated) -- The state of South Dakota is being subjected to some online criticism after unveiling their latest anti-methamphetamine campaign. The campaign, launched by the state Department of Social Services, is simply titled "Meth. We're on it." It features a new website, billboards and ads with people frankly saying they are meth users. The effort, which has cost almost 500-thousand dollars so far, was widely mocked on social media following its release. Many slammed the simplicity of the message and criticized spending so much tax-payer money on a campaign built around three words. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem responded on Twitter saying the point of the campaign was "to raise awareness" so it is in fact working. 

West Virginia Police: Man Married Daughter, Helped Her Kill Man

(Skygusty, WV) -- West Virginia State Police say a man has admitted to helping his daughters kill another man shortly before marrying one of them. In a letter, 55-year-old Larry Paul McClure allegedly admits to helping Amanda and Anna plot and execute the murder of Amanda's boyfriend, John McGuire. Officers say McClure, and his two daughters, injected McGuire with meth, strangled him and buried his body. McClure, a registered sex offender, then reportedly married Amanda in Virginia. All three now face murder charges.


2015, Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15-years behind bars after pleading guilty to sex crimes and child porn charges.

1990, the duo Milli Vanilli was stripped of their 1989 Best New Artist Grammy after admitting they didn't sing on their album.

1965, Kellogg's Pop Tarts were created.

1959, the last Edsel rolled off the assembly line. Ford Motor Company decided to stop production of the unpopular car.

1953, baseball is ruled a sport not a business by the Supreme Court of the United States with a seven to two vote.

1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address as he dedicated a national cemetery at the Civil War battlefield.

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