I’ll have the chicken sandwich and a side of stay out of our business

It happens somewhere every year, but this year it’s not about the decoration that is out for Christmas, it’s about the timing.In a Handbasket takes us to Purdue University where a values test may just mean you can’t have any!

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced his budget and the battle is on.One State Rep wants $2m for the Pulse Memorial.I’m pretty sure that won’t go over well.The state wasted half a million tax dollars on it last year. Brevard’s school board has been approached to be a pawn for a South Florida law firm.They want a school district class action suit to rake some money off the troubled vape maker while the getting is good.I hope the board chooses to not be a pawn of the lawyers.

But that could be better than South Dakota’s new motto: Meth, we’re on it!I sit genius or on the other end of the scale.They paid nearly half a million for the slogan and campaign.

In what may be shocking news Chick-fil-A has changes its charitable donation strategy.Does that mean the values are waning?I think not.It got the Salvation Army’s attention and they, too are speaking out.

You can, too, on today’s BML.


HOA Humbug gets fight

In a Handbasket:

·Purdue may require values test

DeSantis releases proposed budget

Rep. Holly Raschein wants $2m in budget for Pulse memorial

Hope the board thinks long and hard

Meth: We’re On It!Good or Bad Campaign?

Chick-fil-A reversal?

Salvation Army responds to Chick-fil-A announcement

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