Football, Federal Judges and Congressional Leaders

It was a good weekend for Mountaineer fans.In Friday WV basketball soundly defeated hated former conference foe Pitt on the Panthers’ home court.Then Saturday Mountaineer football marched into Manhattan, Kansas and, with a new quarterback, played what was likely the most complete game of their rebuilding season. I am excited to be able to go see the Mountaineers at home Saturday.Oklahoma State will certainly be a challenge.

The NFL was quite a different story as the Cleveland-Pittsburgh game Thursday night brought the hit of the year.The problem is that the hit was with a dislodged helmet to the un-helmeted quarterback’s head!We begin our day there.

In a Handbasket takes us to parental control of our kids’ education environment.One teacher says parents should have no control.You bigoted parents, you!

A formerly prominent Brevard politician surprisingly passed away over the weekend.Fifty year old Andy Anderson died at his home in Mexico Beach.The former county commissioner and Palm Bay councilman had taken a job as that city’s administrator after leaving the Economic Development Director’s job at Palm Bay.

Between the federal judiciary and congress does the president have a chance?Since he appears to be more intelligent than both entities combined, I’d say so, but it’s not for a lack of trying.We’ll talk election law meddling and the shenanigans behind the impeachment inquiry as we get to the meat of our day.


The biggest hit of the NFL weekend

In a Handbasket:

·Teacher says parents should not have final say in child participation

Former County Commissioner Andy Anderson dead at 50

DeSantis appeals Amendment 4 ruling

More judicial meddling

Focus group driven impeachment

Impeachment good news for President Trump?

Senator agrees with poll findings: they’ve been after president since the election

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