Bill Clinton Has Advice for President Trump

There is a certain level and type of conduct expected of those we place in judgment over the rest of us.Three Indiana judges missed the mark by a long shot…actually several.In A Handbasket takes us back to not being able to appease activist groups…yes the alphabet soup crowd is unhappy.So, what’s new about that?

State Representative Tyler Sirois joins us in our second hour today as we look at the upcoming legislative session and other state news.

John Torres was scheduled for 8am, but John’s under the weather.Hope he’s feeling better before tonight’s performance of Curtains at the Surfside Playhouse. We’ll have plenty of ground to cover, though as even Hillary Clinton is not far enough left for today’s Democrats, her husband has some good advice for President Trump as impeachment may loom and one former daily front pager has become a forgotten answer to a trivia question.

Let’s enjoy our Friday chat!


Why judges should not go to strip clubs

In a Handbasket:

·Trans-Barbies did not go far enough

FDLE to review in custody death

DeSantis offers up new teacher bonus plan

House looks at eliminating CRC

Even Hillary is not left enough

When you’re a trivia question and nobody remembers

Bill Clinton’s good advice for President Trump

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