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SpaceX Has Successful Test Fire

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- We are a step closer to launching humans back into space from American soil. SpaceX announced yesterday it had a successful test fire of the Crew Dragon capsule's abort engines. The test at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is part of the run-up to the trip to the International Space System that could happen next year. No date has been set, but it would be the first time astronauts have blasted off from a U.S. facility since 2011. 

Williams' Arrest Warrant Released

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A neighbor remembers the last time he saw Taylor Williams alive. Taylor's mom, Brianna, was charged with neglect after her five-year-old daughter disappeared last week. The arrest warrant released yesterday shows a neighbor hadn't seen Taylor in almost six months, and he also remembers Taylor would often be left home alone. He also claims Brianna would often say Taylor was staying with Brianna's parents in Alabama, but Brianna's parents told detectives they hadn't seen Taylor since January. 

Cop Killer Given Death Sentence

(Kissimmee, FL) -- A convicted cop killer is sentenced to die. A jury in Osceola County yesterday recommended that Everett Miller get the death sentence for killing two Kissimmee police officers two years ago. Sergeant Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter were killed in the shooting, and Baxter's widow says justice was served. Attorneys for the 48-year-old Miller were asking for life in prison. 

Former Brevard County CEO Sentenced For Fraud

(Undated) -- A former CEO in Brevard County will spend time in prison. The U-S Justice Department announced yesterday that a federal judge in Orlando gave Marty Golloher a three-year sentence for fraud. The charges date to five years ago when Golloher was in charge of a bullet-making company called OATH Corporation. The Winter Park native was accused of defrauding investors of over 100-thousand dollars, and he pleaded guilty three months ago.

Police Chase Ends In Crash

(Miami, FL) -- A teenager is in custody after a police chase ended in a crash in Miami-Dade County. FHP says troopers were trying to pull over 19-year-old Robert Harden the Third yesterday after he allegedly hit some cars with his SUV. That led to a chase on the Palmetto Expressway that ended when Harden crashed into a light pole. One woman who says Harden hit her car estimates he was going 100 miles an hour.

Facebook Linked To Lower Grades For Students

(Sydney, Australia) -- Students who spend time on Facebook may see their grades slump. Researchers at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia analyzed the grades of 500 freshmen and found that the more time they spent on Facebook, the worse their grades were. Researcher Dr. James Wakefield points out that students spending more time on Facebook may already be low achievers. He says that they may be grappling with self-regulation and focus, so the time they spend on Facebook provides a distraction from their studies. It's time, he suggests, for those students to turn off their phones and cut down on time spent on Facebook.

French Teen Gives Birth In Nightclub

(France) -- A French baby is being given "free entry for life" to a nightclub after being born there. Local media outlets report a 19-year-old was visiting the O'Club in Toulouse when she gave birth on the dance floor. Staff at the nightclub called for an ambulance and helped deliver the baby while being coached by paramedics on the phone. The baby was born in good health, and the mother is doing fine. 


2018, Seven women are sued Dartmouth College for 70-million-dollars over what they called a 21st Century "Animal House" culture and sexually predatory professors.

1993, Don Shula became the winningest coach in NFL history with career win number 325.

1969, more than 500-thousand people marched in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. demanding an end to the Vietnam War.

1908, Albert Einstein's quantum theory of light was presented.

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