WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Free Speech, Truth, Lawsuits & Impeachment

With impeachment hearings beginning today you know DC has to be in a tizzy.And if it’s not, it won’t be for not trying.DC bars are opening early with drink specials and a place to watch someone’s political future, maybe several, go down the drain.

Free speech is a frequent topic here.You’d think examples at a free speech panel would be acceptable and a place where open discussion could occur.Well, you’d think that.

The US Supreme Court is allowing Remington to be sued for the use of its lawfully manufactured and purchased product in the Sandy Hook massacre.

It seems at UCF speaking truth in dissent is now racist.We need to watch the characterizations we accept without taking a good look.And the other side of the coin exists at another university.Unlike some, we’ll share both sides.

It’s getting pretty bad when a standard coaching action in directing a player how to play is now grounds for a lawsuit.Let’s see you can’t be a cop and now you can’t even be a coach.Maybe these video games aren’t such a bad idea!

It’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, what’s got you thinking today?


DC knows how to do an impeachment

In a Handbasket:

·Univ. Lawyer has to quit over slur at free speech panel

(or you can’t teach them anything)

What other lawful product makers can now be sued?

So, speaking truth about legislative action IS racism!

The other side of the coin

BPS, unlike legislature, takes time to get it right

Don’t coach, Coach!

Impeachment Hearings begin

Was poverty exaggerated?

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