The Problem with Thanksgiving

I don’t suggest radical action in support of political agenda, but I can recognize when it’s funny! We begin our discussion there.

In a Handbasket takes us to college where a professor has been reported for allowing facts that may be hurtful to some into the classroom.

What is the problem with Thanksgiving? We’ll take a look at one perspective…and have our own problems with that!

Back to college and the student body at Harvard doesn’t want facts.One side of a story is just fine.

If you’re going to San Francisco forget about flowers in your hair, you’ll have to dodge the pee that’s over there!

On a positive note, we talked the other day about veterans of war returning home with no real transition assistance in acclimating back into society. That is beginning to change.

John Tobia has a good idea. His anti-resolution resolution hits the commission meeting tonight.

We’ll have those stories and more as we take on a Tuesday on BML.


Fighting for President Trump

In a Handbasket:

·Prof Reported for allowing facts in classroom

Problematic Thanksgiving

Harvard: who needs both sides?

If you’re going to San Francisco

Transition camp for returning vets

Tobia introduces resolution resolution

Someone fighting the problem with higher education

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