Orange County Fires Deputy for Doing His Job

To our veterans on this Veterans’ Day, thank you.You were willing to stand and fall for us.For those of you with us, we can’t adequately express the appreciation for your willingness to sacrifice, for that of your families and for what you have done to maintain the country we love.For those who didn’t make it home, that willingness to stand between your nation and the evil that would try to overcome it is something not all people have or understand.Your sacrifice won’t be forgotten and it lives on in everything that anyone does in this country.You made it possible.We’ll take a look at Veterans’ Day events as we open our discussion this morning.

In a Handbasket will be leading us into the holiday season as we look at Gingerbread Men.

The perpetual victimhood crowd must not understand that claiming victimhood when there is no action against you undermines the credibility of an actual event.In that regard, Ilhan Omar and I have something in common.

Orange County has fired a deputy for doing his job.A teenage girl was arrested for fighting at school.The deputy was not gentle with her, she was combative, but he didn’t hurt her either.Sheriff John Mina is a political hack who has forgotten what being a cop is all about and he’s become the PC police.You Orange County Deputies may want to come to Brevard and work for a sheriff that understand the job, backs you when do it and positively corrects errors when they are made.

The Secret Service says warning signs of school violence are clear.Now, what can we do about stopping them?

Palm Beach County is trying to undermine your vote.The more felons who don’t have to pay restitution before receiving their rights back will dilute the non-felon vote.It’s why election law is a state issue.


Veterans Day Events

In a Handbasket:

·Gender Neutrality going way too far!

Diminishing actual anti-Semitism

Orange County Deputy fired for doing his job

Secret Service says School shooting warning signs usually clear

Palm Beach County working to undermine your vote

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