Lake County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Most of us have some experience with TSA as we fly.It’s a hassle, it’s slow and it can be frustrating.We have our stories, good or bad.We begin our day there.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to the trials and travails of TRANSMAN, not a super hero, but someone who found out the hard way that the grass is not always greener.

The media doesn’t like the president wanting the whistle blower's identity known.What about then the shoe is on the other foot?

We see Sanctuary Cities for illegal immigration around the country.What’s sad is Lake County has seen fit to declare itself a Sanctuary City for a completely lawful activity- gun ownership.

A US military veteran who has PTSD was arrested and was being violent with BCSO corrections deputies.He died after that in-custody struggle and there are activists seeking attention for the case and it’s hard to tell what more.The autopsy has come into question as have the actions of BCSO personnel and the State Attorney’s office.We’ll take a look at Florida Today’s report and ask…just what would you have law enforcement do when a veteran (PTSD or not) becomes violent?


TSA finds something, but lady gets to plane

In a Handbasket:

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Lake County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Veteran with PTSD- in custody death under scrutiny

Pelosi- worried about direction of her party?

Dems hearing Maher, but not listening

NBC- don’t ask if you don’t want the answer

BPS support staff gets contract/raises

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