In a couple of my stories today we take a look at people expressing themselves and the reaction, while what we may expect, is no less indicative of where we are in today’s America.What happens when someone wears blackface today?What if the someone is himself black?What about celebrities expressing political views?What if it is Trump supporting?

What’s taking a homerun in the chest worth?Well, it’s worth about $8m to Budweiser.

What if we threw an election and no one showed up?Take a look at yesterday and you’ll see.

Is Marco Rubio a socialist?It sure sounds like it.Is Nancy Pelosi worried about her party going too far left?It could be.And NBC, if you don’t want the answer to the question, don’t ask it!

Those are my thoughts for the day, but it’s Wednesday and that makes it your day to drive our discussion on the show.If it’s on your mind, it’s on BML, but only when you call it in.Bring your topic to the table at 321.768.1240 and we’ll see where the day takes us.


Blackface: irony of ironies

In a Handbasket:

·Cancel Thanksgiving for the planet!

Only leftist celebs are allowed political expression

Beer guy=$8m in earned media

Yesterday’s election results

Pelosi- worried about direction of her party?

Dems hearing Maher, but not listening

NBC- don’t ask if you don’t want the answer

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