We’ve talked about the idea of not keeping score or expecting less than quality efforts from young athletes.The bad idea has gone too far.It’s reached high school sports!

Waxing is a routine for some, but the transgender community raises interesting questions and uncomfortable situations.One trans-lady (??) wanted her…ummm, man parts waxed.The gals who perform the service refused and the lady (??) sued.Chalk one up for common sense in the Canadian courts!

While Facebook has decided it can’t regulate political speech, yours is another matter.

Finally our instant apologist society is getting some backlash.

The “thin blue line” flag is a show of support for law enforcement unless you’re in Montgomery County, MD.Thankfully the governor is calling them out.

Locally, Melbourne-Melbourne International Airport has fooled some Europeans and it could result in increased traffic and tourism here.

At the state level the battle over an “assault weapons ban” on the 2020 ballot is being waged in Tallahassee.

Nationally, maybe the Democrats are hearing Bill Maher, but it doesn’t look like they are actually listening.


Demanding less than excellence catching on

In a Handbasket:

·Scrotum waxing complaint dismissed

FB, Instagram controlling speech

Apologist society backfiring or shut up and make the tacos!

MD governor goes after Montgomery County over “thin blue line” flag ban

Fooling Europeans, Congrats MLB

The battle over assault weapons ban in FL

Pelosi- worried about direction of her party?

Dems hearing Maher, but not listening

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