Multiple reports indicated the president’s reception at recent events have been met with a disapproving public.The question is, were those reports accurate or not?It may depend on perspective, but facts don’t have perspective and they are not always reported.

IN A HANDBASKET takes us back to college where, like banning guns stops shootings, banning intolerance promotes tolerance.Or does it?

I have a story from a West Virginia TV station about…The Titusville courthouse and the ongoing election.This gaffe belongs to the legislature, not the Supervisor of Elections.

Bill Maher is doing his best to be Nostradamus for the Democrats in 2020.They aren’t listening and it looks like left leaning seer is predicting doom for the Dems.It’s about impeachment and the perception thereof.

We’ve frequently lamented the state’s school safety act as a bad piece of legislation.That usually revolves around the Second Amendment infringements, but this time it has to do with how we now treat kids in crisis.Kimberly Moore has a piece in the Lakeland Ledger that highlights the problem.Kimberly, who used to write for Florida Today, is with us at 8am to share the story.


Watching for truth in the news- how do you know?

In a Handbasket:

·Banning Intolerance

It’s the law…and it the Legislature owns this

Maher’s Nostradamus act being ignored by Dems

Here’s what he means

Another place the School Safety Act went horribly wrong

Demanding less than excellence catching on

Bye-bye Beto!

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