Our web poll asks if banning political ads is a good idea for Twitter.Facebook says it’s doing it.People claim to be tired of it, but in reality, maybe we’re just lazy.

Our “In a Handbasket” segment takes us into the world of porn with an unbelievable claim.

Would be gun grabber Beto O’Rourke got an education on guns recently.It’s likely not changed his mind.

I have cooled some on Governor Ron DeSantis in his first year in office.Overall I do believe he’s doing a decent job, but his understanding of the constitution concerns me.Is it possible he’s the country’s most popular governor?

The United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida is weighing in on our election system.Maybe it’s about time since the judges in his district are dismantling and rewriting our election law on an almost daily basis.

Some would call me a “Grammar Nazi.”I would accept that designation.I am a stickler for certain things when it comes to speaking and writing.Educated people often fail in this regard.Oh, I’m not perfect, but when a hillbilly notices grammatical errors they must be glaring, right?Apparently I have worried about such things for no reason at all.The example comes, of course, from an American college.


Twitter bans political ads- good call?

In a Handbasket:

·Trans model dumped from porn offer- guess why

Beto gets an education on guns (from a high schooler)

DeSantis most popular governor?

N FL US Attorney weighs in on elections

Grammar doesn’t count in college if…

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