As I turned to sports television for some relaxation yesterday I realized that may have been a mistake.Every sports talking head was bashing my brotherhood.Now, there are times umpires deserve criticism.Game 6 of the World Series was not one of them.

We’re going Halloween for IN A HANDBASKET today.That’ll be fun…and scary!

Why the US Senate wants to weigh in on the college athlete pay situation is beyond me.The concerned states and the NCAA have begun to work this all out.The situation does not need the involvement or the meddling of the US Congress.These guys just don’t understand their roles.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has Sheriff Wayne Ivey in its sights.He’s a big target and they have likely picked the wrong battle with the wrong guy.

Election Day is Tuesday.While we don’t cover a lot of local issues or races, the Palm Bay Charter Amendments are interesting and the stupidity is glaring.The Florida Secretary of State’s alarmism about elections is not helpful and she should be offering solutions or just shut up.

Election ads are annoying.Twitter has decided to not take them on its platform.Is this a good call?Is it a smart one?It’s our web poll here at


The rule is clear and the umps were right

In a Handbasket:

·Halloween Handbasket: punish offensive costumes

GOP Senator wants college scholarship tax

FFRF butts in on Sheriff Ivey’s patrol Vehicles

Palm Bay Charter Amendments

FL Sec State alarmism isn’t helping

Twitter bans political ads- good call?

Beto gets an education on guns (from a high schooler)

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