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Five Charged In Daytona Beach Murder

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- Five people, including four teenagers, are facing charges for a deadly shooting in Volusia County. A 17-year-old, an 18-year-old, two 19-year-olds and a 29-year-old were indicted this week for killing Daytona Beach's Randy Mueller three months ago at his home. There's no word on a motive or how the suspects knew the 34-year-old victim.

Video Shows Noose Hanging In High School Locker Room

(Oviedo, FL) -- A video shot at a Seminole County school shows what one parent says is a sign of a toxic culture. The video released yesterday was allegedly shot last year, and it shows a noose in a locker room at Oviedo High School. One mother tells Channel 9 this is just one example of the bullying and harassment students face, but school officials have done nothing to stop the problem. The superintendent is calling for an investigation.

Mother Defends Son Accused Of Stealing JSO Cruiser

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A teenager accused of stealing a JSO cruiser is really just a pawn in a couple's marital dispute. That's what Maxamillion Brathwaite's mother said yesterday after the 19-year-old was released on bail. He's accused of stealing the cruiser that was parked outside the home of an unidentified female JSO officer. The teen's mom tells Action News Jax the officer's estranged husband was a mentor to Brathwaite, and she believes he used that relationship to manipulate her son into stealing the car to get the officer fired.

Brevard County Man Fighting On ESPN2 Tonight

(Las Vegas, NV) -- A Brevard County native will be in the national sports spotlight tonight. Titusville MMA fighter Muhammed DeReese will be on ESPN2 at 8:00 as part of a Professional Fighter's League tournament in Las Vegas. If the 31-year-old known as 'Mo Muscle' wins two matches, he'll advance to the finals on New Year's Eve with a chance to win a million dollars. The father of three was a state wrestling champ at Titusville High, and he tells Florida Today being a champion means the world to him.

Rubio Working On Bill To Compensate College Athletes

(Washington, DC) -- Marco Rubio is working on a plan that would prevent what he says would be chaos in college sports. Senator Rubio tweeted yesterday he and Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy are writing a bill to compensate student-athletes. Rubio says leaving it up to each state to come up with their own laws would create too much confusion. He also promises his bill will be fair to athletes without killing college sports. 

Picture Of "Ghost" At Baltimore Restaurant

(Baltimore, MD) -- A person attending a ghost tour at a Baltimore restaurant thinks they took a picture of a ghost. Bertha's Mussels has a local reputation for being haunted. Co-owner Laura Norris told local media she used to talk with the ghosts quite regularly. Her husband, Tony, says he hasn't seen any ghosts, but he's staying open-minded because he has a friend that says he's seen them all the time. Some are saying the new photo shows a spirit reaching out of a third story window. The area where the supposed ghost appears was closed off at the time.

SC Stabbing Suspect Says Victim Tried To Feed Him To Zombies

(Aiken, SC) -- One South Carolina man has an interesting reason for why he allegedly stabbed a woman. Authorities say 29-year-old William Berry, of Aiken, repeatedly stabbed a woman in the back over the weekend. But when officers confronted him, Berry reportedly told them he "poked someone" because they were trying to feed him to zombies. Later tests showed that no drugs or alcohol were in his system at the time. The woman was taken to the hospital, but her condition is unknown. Berry faces charges of possession of a weapon during a violent crime and attempted murder. 


2011, the United Nations announced the world population had reached seven billion people.

2006, after 35 years at the helm, beloved game show host Bob Barker announced he would retire from CBS' "The Price Is Right" at the end of the 2006-2007 TV season.

1941, Mount Rushmore was completed.

1864, Nevada became the 36th state.

1517, Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Palace church, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in Germany.

834 A-D, the first All Hallows Eve was observed by all churches to honor the saints.

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