Wide Open Wednesday: The ABC’s of the ABC’s

I told ya so! When we talked about the beer holding Nationals fan in Sunday night’s game taking a home run off his chest rather than dropping one of two beers he was holding, I said Budweiser had to make a commercial out of it.They did better than that, they bought tickets for the unnamed beer hero and a friend and flew them to Houston for last night’s game 6. And, yes, they made that commercial.

Governor Ron DeSantis weighed in yesterday in the college athlete pay idea. Once he came out in favor the NCAA made an announcement of its own. They are adopting the idea.It was that or become irrelevant.

With the fires and power outage issues in California we are getting glimpse of what a post-apocalyptic America would look like.It ain’t pretty.

Brevard’s School Board approved the contract last night that had been overwhelmingly approved by the teacher’s union. Let’s hope this is a step toward better union/district communication and cooperation.

And…it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY. Your day, your topic when we go to the phones at 321.768.1240. So, what’s on your mind?


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