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Lakeland Police Officers Cleared In Deadly Shooting

(Lakeland, FL) -- No charges will be filed against three police officers who shot a black teenager to death in Polk County. The State Attorney's Office announced yesterday that three Lakeland police officers were justified in last year's shooting of 17-year-old Michael Taylor. Police shot Taylor when they say he drove at them in a stolen car and put them in fear for their lives. 

Scot Peterson Wants Charges Dropped

(Parkland, FL) -- Scot Peterson hopes a recent move by lawmakers will allow him to clear his name. The former Broward County SRO filed a motion yesterday to get criminal charges against him dismissed. The state Senate, last week, voted to dismiss Sheriff Scott Israel over the Parkland school shooting last year, and Peterson claims that means he's not responsible for the deadly shooting because he wasn't trained properly. Peterson is due in court in two weeks to face charges of child neglect with bodily harm, culpable negligence and perjury.

Homeless Man Jailed For Kicking Police Officer

(Palm Bay, FL) -- A homeless man who became a regular presence in Brevard County is now in jail. Cocoa's Harry Anderson was arrested this week for allegedly kicking a Palm Bay police officer who was warning the 72-year-old about trespassing. Anderson had frequently refused help while keeping to himself. Officers who have interacted with him tell Florida Today it was uncharacteristic for Anderson to become violent. 

Morgan Says He Can Get Minimum Wage Referendum On Ballot

(Orlando, FL) -- Lawyer John Morgan told Channel 9 yesterday he has collected enough signatures to get a referendum on the ballot next year to raise the state's minimum wage. The measure would call for the wage to eventually be raised to 15 dollars an hour by 2026, and it needs 60-percent support to pass. Before the measure can go before the voters, though, the state Supreme Court needs to approve the referendum's language. 

USF Athletics Official Supports NCAA Announcement

(Tampa, FL) -- USF is applauding a big change by the NCAA. The organization announced yesterday it will explore allowing athletes to profit from their image and likeness. USF Athletic Director Michael Kelly says the move demonstrates the NCAA's commitment to modernize the collegiate model.

Bar Closes After Customers Complain Of Rashes

(St. Petersburg, FL) -- A woman's Facebook post is partly responsible for shutting down a bar in Pinellas County. Rachel Renn posted a message this week about a skin rash she says she got at St. Petersburg's Pelican Pub. She says dozens of others have had similar experiences since May from sitting on the bar's benches. The bar is now closed for an inspection to find and eliminate the cause.  

CA Middle School Students Get ID Cards With Sex Hotline Number

(Lancaster, CA) -- A California middle school is apologizing after putting a sex hotline number on its student ID cards. The Lancaster School District north of Los Angeles said Tuesday that the New Vista Middle School intended to print a suicide prevention hotline number on its student identification cards, but mixed up two numbers and accidentally printed a sex hotline number. The district has apologized and said all student IDs will be collected and new cards will be distributed.

Watergate Hotel Offers Scandal Package

(Washington, DC) -- The Watergate Hotel has a new guest package called "Arrested at the Watergate." The Washington, DC hotel became famous in 1972 for a political scandal that eventually brought down President Nixon. The hotel is now embracing its history with the new package that includes a whiskey flight with the original arresting officers from 1972. The package also includes a stay at the hotel's "Scandal Room," where Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy attempted to orchestrate the break-in of the Democratic National Convention Headquarters. The package is 25-hundred dollars per night.


2015, the Justice Department began releasing hundreds of nonviolent drug offenders. They were among the first of more than six-thousand federal prison inmates gaining their freedom early under a program to reduce overcrowding.

1976, Jane Pauley became news co-anchor of the "Today" show.

1945, the U.S. ended shoe rationing.

1938, Orson Welles' classic radio play "The War of the Worlds" aired on CBS. The live drama panicked some radio listeners who actually thought that the play's faked news reports about a Martian invasion was true.

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