FSU: Florida Snitching University

It was a relaxing vacation trip, even if it was a short one.I hadn’t been to Myrtle Beach in decades, like over 3 of them, and it was nice to see the 0old mandatory vacation grounds.I was able to catch up with one of two former drug unit partners who live there and my radio counterpart in Brunswick, Georgia on the way home.There was good World Series baseball and some interesting developments along the way.

There was also some good news from a story we had discussed last week.That seven year old boy won’t be forced into gender reassignment as was originally decided.Our IN A HANDBASKET segment will keep us in that transgender world and look at how it’s demeaning women at our colleges.

FSU is no longer Florida State University.It’s Florida’s Snitching University and it’s doing its part to raise good little communists.An alarming number of Democrats and maybe even a more alarming number of Republicans think “hate speech” is too protected by the first amendment.

LGBT issues come back into play as a Florida Today story and editorial tackle LGBT workplace issues.

Governor DeSantis says it’s time to pay college athletes.That’s two of the three largest states in the union with those leanings.Will the NCAA listen or become irrelevant?

And Beto got himself an education, not that he sought it, but he got it.


Update: turnaround in forced transgender case

In a Handbasket:

·Women’s Athlete of the Week

Raising good little commies: Florida Snitching University

Hate Speech should be exempted from the First Amendment?

LGBT and the workplace

DeSantis says pay college athletes

Beto gets an education on guns (from a high school kid)

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