ISRAEL OUT- but for good cause?

What does a coach do when his star running back is suspended for the season opener?Why, dress him as an unknown freshman, of course.What does the school do when the evil deed is uncovered?In this case the school did the right thing.

While celebrations of LGBT out coming are frequent and heralded as wonderful things, what about coming out as conservative on a college campus?It has to be just as difficult, right?It’s today’s “In a Handbasket” story.

And then there’s the college professor who mandated her students appear to protest a conservative speaker by scheduling class at the speaker’s event.

A cop has resigned after manhandling an 11 year old girl who was in a tussle with the principal after she took more milk than she was supposed to take.

While the Washington Nationals manhandled the Houston Astros last night with a 12-3 win, one MLB umpire whom I met in his minor league days sent out the Tweet Heard Round the League.It’s being investigated.

The Florida Senate upheld Governor Ron DeSantis’ removal of Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.My concern is that the senate votes, on both sides, were not for valid reason or evidence, but politics or compassion for victim families.Neither is appropriate justification for the decision.State Representative Tyler Sirois is with us at 8am to discuss that vote and to take a look at the legislature’s appropriations process.


Football team cheats; school handles well

In a Handbasket:

·Conservative Coming Out Day

GA college-Forced opposition to conservative speech

MLB Umpire Tweet under investigation

Cop resigns after incident with 11 yoa student

Senate confirms Israel ouster-correctly?

Legislative reaction to:

·Judge Hinkle’s election decision

·Teacher pay

600 violations, 38 people in Clinton email case

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